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The W-4 Form Explained

The W-4 Form Explained

The IRS issued a new W-4 form back in 2020 to more accurately match your paycheck withholdings with your actual tax obligations. Here's a great video that explains what's different with the new W-4 Form.
Expect More IRS Audits

Expect More IRS Audits

The Inflation Reduction Act allocated $80 billion to the IRS for hiring additional personnel and improving processes and technology. Learn how this might affect future audit activity and how much time the IRS has to audit you.
Welcome John Laudenslager Clients

Welcome John Laudenslager Clients

On behalf of Whittaker and Saucier CPAs I'd like to welcome you to our firm. We want to make this transition as easy as possible for you. Watch this short video for an introduction to our firm and to learn next steps in the transition process.
IRS Mileage Rate Increase

IRS Mileage Rate Increase

The IRS announced it will be increasing the standard mileage rate for the final six months of 2022 to address the rising cost of gas nationally. Here’s a great video on how to maximize the tax deduction.

About Whittaker & Saucier

Whittaker & Saucier is a full-scale CPA firm in Venice, Florida. We offer our clients a traditional complement of accounting services, plus a number of unique services they can't find anywhere else such as eBookkeeper, our Quickbooks based outsource accounting system. We believe that our clients time is as important as ours, so we deliver a professional, accurate product on time, every time. To give our clients the utmost assurance of that accuracy, we also have respected colleagues periodically review our work as part of a prestigious peer-review process.

Most importantly, we want our clients to know that there are real people standing behind our work?real people who are only a phone call away, and who are always available to listen to questions and concerns. While we're completely fluent in the tax code, we take care to explain your financial picture to you in plain English, in terms you can understand. At Whittaker & Saucier, our goal is to place our clients on solid financial footing whether they're individuals or large corporations, or anything in between.

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